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Chinese Counterfeiters Get the Jump on iPhone 5
Today in international tech news: Fake iPhone 5s have hit China — even though real iPhone 5s aren’t out yet. Also: a bit of good news for Samsung, which scores a patent victory in Japan a week after its billion-dollar defeat in the U.S.; social media abuse is a hot topic in Australia; Google Maps adds 330,000 miles of European bike trails.



Browse Your Favourite Atari Classic Games
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary since the launch of Pong, Atari and Microsoft have partnered to allow gamers to play eight classic Atari video games via any HTML5-enabled browser. Asteroids, Combat, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, and Yar’s Revenge are available to play in Atari’s Arcade. For Microsoft, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the power of HTML5. For Atari, […]



iOS 6 preview: Passbook

iOS 6 preview: Passbook

Passbook is a brand new, built-in app for iOS 6 designed to serve as a one-stop repository for all the tickets, coupons, gift cards, and other vouchers provided by third-party App Store apps. That means all the stuff in your Apple Store app, Starbucks app, Delta app, Fandango app, and more is easily accessible via a single Home screen icon, and what’s more — Passbook knows what time it is and where you are, so it can put whatever card you need right on your Lock screen, right when you need it.

Here’s what Apple has to say about Passbook:

Your boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more are now all in one place. With Passbook, you can scan your iPhone or iPod touch to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon. You can also see when your coupons expire, where your concert seats are, and the balance left on that all-important coffee bar card. Wake your iPhone or iPod touch, and passes appear on your Lock screen at the appropriate time and place — like when you reach the airport or walk into the store to redeem your gift card or coupon. And if your gate changes after you’ve checked in for your flight, Passbook will even alert you to make sure you’re not relaxing in the wrong terminal.

And here’s what they’ve shown off of it so far:

  • According to Apple, “Passbook is the simplest way to get all your passes in one place.” That’s in contrast to the current, iOS 5 situation where tickets, gift cards, confirmations, coupons, are scattered across a variety of App Store apps.

  • When you get to the airline gate, the Starbucks line, or the movie theater, however, instead of having to find the appropriate app, launch it, and then find the appropriate pass in the app, Passbook collects them all together for you in one place.

  • Simply tap the pass you want to access, and it comes up full screen.

  • If you have more than one pass for the same thing — 2 tickets for Amtrack, 3 coupons for Target, etc. — you can swipe between them in full-screen mode.

  • Apple, of course, has designed them all beautifully…

  • …And has created templates to help developers make beautiful passes of their own.

  • If the pass is a gift card, it can show up-to-date balance information right on the front.

  • If the pass is a ticket, and something like the gate changes, that will also be displayed right on the front.

  • To see additional information about a pass, tap the info button at the bottom right and it’ll flip over, just like the Weather or Stocks apps. On the back, you can toggle Lock screen notifications on or off, and see additional information like confirmation numbers, locations, and other details about the specific pass.

  • And if you don’t want the pass anymore, you can tap the trashcan button, confirm the deletion, and Apple will shred it for you in digital form.

  • Conveniently, Passbook can also present Lock screen notifications based on time and location. So you when you arrive at the right time or the right place, your passes pop up.

  • If something changes, like the gate information, you’ll get a notification as well. And multiple notifications stack up, just as you’d expect.

Passbook is interesting in that a) instead of making a repository for something traditional, like documents, Apple is doing it for something still on the horizon, digital vouchers; and b) unlike Google and Microsoft, it’s not yet a real mobile wallet with built-in payments yet.

That makes Passbook stuck in both the past and the future. It has QR and bar codes, not NFC or other wireless transaction processing. It hooks into existing apps, not Apple’s massive iTunes cash register. It feels like a first step, a testing of the waters. The only question is how long it takes mainstream users to decide those waters and fine, and want to dive in, and for Apple to get the partnerships in place to take that next step.

For now, however, if you have passes in apps, Passbook makes it easier than ever to swipe, scan, and go.

iOS 6 is scheduled for release this fall, perhaps as soon as September 19. For more on iOS 6 check out:



Japan Sizes Up Social Media as an Emergency Response Tool
Today in international tech news: Japan’s government engages in talks about devising an official social media emergency response system. Also: Sony unveils some nifty new gadgets in Berlin, including a water-resistant tablet; a journalist is arrested for hacking a blogger’s email account; and Assange supporters go on strike.



Unofficial Kindle Photos Surface
With the Amazon Kindle just around the corner, purported photos of the yet-to-be-announced devices have emerged on the Internet. The Kindle Fire makes an appearance. While a Kindle Touch finally gets in on the rumor-mongering action.



Put your Pedaling to Good use with the ECOXPOWER Headlight + Smart Phone Charger
If I was a bicycle enthusiast, I’d be all over the ECOXPOWER from ECOXGEAR. It’s a pedal powered front / rear headlight for your bike that can also charge your USB devices. As it is, I don’t ride bikes because I have bad knees. Or that’s what I tell people. Actually, I don’t ride bikes […]



Evernote update makes use of Jelly Bean’s rich notifications

Evernote update makes use of Jelly Bean's rich notifications

The rich, interactive notifications baked in to Jelly Bean are certainly one of our favorite features of the newest version of Android. Now, one of our favorite apps, Evernote, is tapping into their power. Version 4.2 of the note-taking giant’s program offers quick shortcuts to edit and share uploaded notes from the notification pull down. Those notifications are also delivering a lot more context than they used to. Rather than a simple alert that a note has been uploaded, you’re now presented with a thumbnail of images captured and a snippet of your text entry. Power users will also be glad to hear those notifications will no longer pile up, as multiple ones will be condensed into a single entry as they do with Gmail. There’s also the usual bevvy of bug fixes and performance improvements, which is never a bad thing.. Hit up the source to download it now.

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Tweetbot for Mac hits beta, runs headlong into new Twitter API limits

Tweetbot for Mac hits beta, runs headlong into new Twitter API rules

We’ve been using the Tweetbot for Mac alpha for several weeks now. It’s about time that a more polished beta version arrive, we’d say — and the new 0.8 revision does its best to justify moving one letter up the alphabet. Most of the upgrade focuses on improved multi-column and keyboard support, along with a heap of bug fixes. The real story, though, may be what Tweetbot can’t do. Twitter’s tough new API limits put a sharp curb on the number of new users that a third-party developer like Tapbots can bring into the fold. To maximize the number of customers buying the finished version, the company is limiting beta access solely to those who’ve already linked their Twitter accounts to the alpha; if you aren’t already part of the secret club, you’re not getting in today. We’re still looking forward to the completed Tweetbot release, but the hoop-jumping required to keep the app commercially viable doesn’t bode well for any future competition with the official Twitter clients.

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Iterations: The New Movable Type
printing pressBack in the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg changed the world with movable type, laying a foundation for a new printing press to spread ideas faster. Fast forward a few hundred years, and the comparisons made between the Internet and Gutenberg were predictable. Specifically with respect to the written word, the web made any literate person with access to a computer into a writer. Today, most barriers to creating, sharing, and distributing written content have been stripped away, and for every newspaper that seems to be going out of business, a victim of modern times, a new publishing engine is born.



Dropbox Two-Steps Into Double-Knotted Security
Dropbox has unveiled an experimental build that adds two-factor authentication to subscribers’ accounts. Subscribers can try out build 1.5.12, and Dropbox is asking those who are experimenting with it for their comments. The response so far appears to be overwhelmingly positive. Dropbox plans to roll out two-factor authentication as an option to all subscribers’ accounts in the future.